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Is hard.

Widowhood is hard.

Whether you are a young widow with children or an older widow in the late stages of life, whether the loss was due to a long term illness or an unexpected event, due to infidelity, divorce or death followed by a full life, it can feel like a new season of unchartered territory. 

But you are not alone. 

Pour a cup of freshly roasted brew and pull up a chair. Follow us for relatable content and encouragement. Fill out a contact form to reach out for prayer, request a free emotional support roll on (one per customer with first order) or share an encouraging testimony.

The coffee you drink matters.

a gift.

Freshly roasted coffee is where all of the health benefits are at. Our beans are chemical free, organic, cockroach free, mold free and fair trade when possible. The decaf we offer is water processed and without the chemicals that have given decaf in the past a bad rap. You give yourself a gift...or someone else a drinking the healthiest coffee available. 


Every bean purchase gives back to widow's in our community and widow's in our extended circles. Even better, remember a widow and invite them over for a cup and convo. Remind them that they are thought of and that they are not alone. 

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