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Coffee Steak Rub

I was not too sure the very first time it was recommended to me to make this Cowboy Steak. The steak was a gift and a wonderful treat. Why experiment w a good thing? Coffee grounds on steak, really?

Wow-is all I have to say. Wow. I wish you were here to have a bite...or rather been here earlier for it's all gone now.

You can use the last few beans from the bag that don't quite make a pot or you can repurpose the ground beans from your morning coffee. I have tried both. Sparing a tablespoon of fresh gives the best flavor and texture. Either way the acid helps tenderize the meat and the flavor is surprisingly exceptional.

You're welcome. Enjoy.

Coffee Steak Rub 1T finely ground coffee 1T sucanut or cane juice 1 1/2 tsp pink salt 1/8 tsp freshly ground pepper 1/2 tsp garlic powder or two minced cloves Mix well. Pat dry steak. Coat the steak well and rub in the mixture. Let sit 15-30 minutes. Grill or pan fry as desired. Let rest 5 minutes. Enjoy! Extra dry rub lasts about a week refrigerated if you didn't double dip while applying to the meat.

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