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Origin: Bali


Who has a friend who is both bold and validating, gentle and truthful? You know, the kind you can call at midnight who let's you feel all the feels, validates that and then doesn't leave you dangling in the dark. In the aftermath of tears comes truth... not hard truth, affirming, life giving truth. They know they can't fix life for you and maturity has taught them they can't be enough for you. Yet they are THERE. And they point you to the One who is and doesn't sit by and let you give in, give up. This is the friend who is in your corner, doing battle WITH you, learning to use the right tools right along with you.


This coffee is named after THAT friend. The Widow's Friend. This coffee mimicks that friend with its bold flavor and a lack of traditional bitterness. Just like your friend who encourages you to feel, forgive and let go. #bitterfree #biblicalwidow #thewidowsofferingcoffee



Strong flavor yet very smooth without the bitterness that often comes with coffee.

Chemical free, mold free,cockroach free!

The Widow's Friend

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